Important Information about Target Data Breach

January 22, 2014

RE:  Recent debit card compromise

Dear Valued Customer,

Auburn Banking Company notified you last month that your Auburn Banking Company MasterCard Debit Card could potentially be compromised due to a security breach of a merchant processing company’s network.  At the time, MasterCard did not inform us as to which merchant experienced the breach of their card network, rather they stated the following:

(1) there was a security breach of a United States merchant’s network,

(2) cardholders who used their debit or credit cards at this merchant between November 27, 2013 and December 15, 2013 were         affected, and

(3) a listing of affected cardholders. 

As you know, about this same time it came out that Target experienced a data breach that affected millions of debit and credit cards.  If you used your Auburn Banking Company debit card at Target during the timeframe listed above, the merchant that experienced the breach where your debit card information was stolen could be Target. 

Just this week Target has been sending emails to affected customers expressing their concern with the information that was stolen from their merchant processor.  The email explains that not only did affected cardholder’s debit or credit card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs) get stolen, but also the customer’s name, mailing address and phone number and/or email address was also stolen during the breach.  As a result, Target is offering these customers free credit monitoring through Experian for one year.  To sign up for the credit monitoring, Target is directing you to a website. 

WARNING:  Fraudsters are aware of the emails Target is sending and they are using this as a way to try to obtain your Social Security Number and other personal information they need to commit identity theft.  Please do not share your information with anyone over the phone, email or text.  If you do want to take advantage of Target’s offer to obtain free credit monitoring through Experian for one year, please go to your local Target store and sign up directly through them.  You can read the true letter from Target on their website, but I do not recommend that you apply for the free credit monitoring through their website.  It is very possible for fraudsters to hack into Target’s website as well to obtain your personal information needed for identity theft.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 270-542-4185.  We truly value your business here at Auburn Banking Company.


Tammy Collins



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