scattered money


Rates as of: Thursday, September 28th 2023

Call or visit either location for the latest rate information.

A customer service representative would be happy to assist with opening your account.


Minimum Amount to Open
Absolute Basic Checking$100.00
Regular Checking$100.00
Student Checking$100.00
Now Checking$1,500.00
Senior Free Checking $100.00
Club Now Checking $1,500.00
Advantage Bank Club Account/55$100.00
Regular Business Checking$100.00
Business Checking$100.00


Minimum Amount to Open
Statement Savings$25.00
Christmas Club$10.00

Money Market

Minimum Amount to Open
Money Market Checking$2,500.00
Money Market Plus$2,500.00


Minimum Amount to Open
91 Day$2,500.00
182 Day$2,500.00
12 Month$500.00
15 Month$500.00
18 Month$500.00
24 Month$500.00
30 Month$500.00
48 Month$500.00
60 Month$500.00


18 Month Variable Rate$100.00
91 Day Fixed Rate$1,000.00
182 Day Fixed Rate$1,000.00
12 Month Fixed Rate$1,000.00
15 Month Fixed Rated$1,000.00
18 Month Fixed Rate$1,000.00
24 Month Fixed Rate$1,000.00
30 Month Fixed Rate$1,000.00
48 Month Fixed Rate$1,000.00
60 Month Fixed Rate$1,000.00

A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.
The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change after account opening.
Fees could reduce the earnings on the account.
Daily balance = the amount of principal in the account each day.